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What types of teeth whitening do you offer?

Over time, our teeth become dull and stained for multiple reasons, but teeth whitening is a great way to brighten your smile and give your confidence a huge boost!

Types of Teeth Whitening in Clayton, NC

Custom Take-Home Whitening Trays

With take-home whitening, you have the convenience of whitening at home when your schedule allows. We take impressions of your teeth that we use to fabricate custom bleaching trays that fit your teeth perfectly. This means the whitening gel contacts all tooth surfaces evenly and won’t leak under the tray and cause gum irritation.

In-Office Power Whitening

Fast in-office teeth whitening: If you don’t want to wait weeks to see a brighter smile, or you have an event like a wedding coming up, results, in-office teeth whitening is another excellent option. With in-office whitening, most patients see noticeable results after just one visit.

The Problem with OTC Whitening Kits

You’ve seen all the teeth whitening options at your local grocery store, and you may wonder if they’re safe to use and how effective they are. There are two main drawbacks with OTC teeth whitening kits: they are not customized for your smile, and the whitening gel produces minimal results.

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment

We recommend that you leave whitening your teeth to a professional who knows your smile and can ensure that it’s a safe, comfortable, and successful process. If you are ready to see a brighter smile but aren’t sure which option’s right for you, please call Clayton Smiles for more information.

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