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Dental technology plays a significant role in the quality of experience we provide for you at Clayton Smiles. We embrace any advances in dentistry that increase your comfort, speed your treatment, and help us deliver optimal long-term outcomes. From mess-free digital impressions to technology that ensures a stress-free root canal, your comfort is our priority.

We hope to meet you soon and show you how our state-of-the-art technology works for you. Until then, please take a look at what we currently offer and give us a call if you have any questions.

Rotary Endodontics

When you have a root canal infection, your dentist treats it by removing the diseased tissue from deep inside your tooth. The traditional method involves a slow, methodical approach using manual instruments. 

At Clayton Smiles, we use rotary endodontic technology. This state-of-the-art equipment minimizes uncomfortable sensations and dramatically improves our efficiency and comfort. Because rotary endodontics allows us to be more precise, it also helps ensure positive long-term outcomes.


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Digital Impressions

We use digital Impressions at Clayton Smiles because they are a comfortable, mess-free way to capture a 3-D replica of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Also known as intraoral scanning, digital impressions use a wand-like instrument that scans your teeth and creates a 3-D virtual model we use to plan procedures like crowns, bridges, and dentures. 

Digital impressions are much more precise and detailed than alginate (paste) impressions and significantly more comfortable. Because you don’t need to bite down on a large metal tray for several minutes while the material sets, digital impressions are also far more comfortable and perfect for kids and patients with a strong gag reflex.

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Intraoral Cameras

Your oral health is so closely linked to your general health and well-being that we think it’s crucial for you to understand your dental condition. At Clayton Smiles, we use intraoral cameras because they show you exactly what your dentist sees during a dental examination. 

An intraoral camera is a small device that transmits real-time images to your chairside monitor. You’ll see a magnified view of each tooth and can follow along as your dentist points out problem areas and explains why they recommend treatment.

Your intraoral images also assist us in planning treatment and become a part of your digital patient record and can be easily shared with your insurance company or specialists. 


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Panoramic X-Rays

When planning certain procedures, it’s helpful to have an x-ray image that shows the entire mouth in a single continuous image. Panoramic x-rays give our dentists a view of all your teeth, the upper and lower jaw, your TMJ (temporomandibular joint), nasal passages, and sinuses, allowing us to easily identify growths, tumors, jaw abnormalities, and more.

Unlike regular dental x-rays, panoramic x-rays are taken outside of the mouth, making them a great choice for children and adults with a strong gag reflex.

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Digital X-Rays & Digital Sensors

Visual exams are essential every six months and give our dentists a lot of information about your oral health. However, what it can’t do is let us see deep inside your teeth and under your gums, so we need to take dental x-rays to get the full picture.

At Clayton Smiles, we use digital x-rays because they produce about 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays. It's also easier and more comfortable for the patient because we use a comfortable flat digital sensor to capture the image instead of a bulky film clip.

Our dentists can easily manipulate digital x-ray images to zoom in on a particular area or give you a better view. It’s important to us that you understand your dental needs, and digital x-rays are another tool we use to include you in the process.

Electric Handpieces

It’s no secret that a visit to the dental office induces anxiety for many people. At Clayton Smiles, we do everything we can to improve your comfort, and electric handpieces are a great example.

Common anxiety triggers are the sounds and sensations that certain dental equipment produces, and we use electric handpieces because they eliminate the high-pitched whining sound of a dental drill and also produce significantly less vibration. 


Nitrous Oxide

Whether you are an anxious patient or just want a calming, relaxing dental appointment, nitrous oxide or laughing gas can be very beneficial. Because nitrous oxide is a gas, it is delivered through a small breathing mask, and all you have to do is relax and inhale normally.

Nitrous oxide produces pleasant sensations of well-being and comfort that last as long as we administer it, and when we stop, the effects will immediately start to dissipate. In just a few minutes, you will feel ready to get back to your busy day and can even drive yourself from your appointment. 

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Digital Records

Another way we streamline your visits to Clayton Smiles is by using digital records. All of your patient information, including your medical history and the medications you take are stored safely and securely on our in-house network. We can access all your pertinent information quickly for reference or to monitor certain conditions, and digital records make it easy to share your information with insurance companies and specialists.

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