Root Canals in Clayton, NC

Do you get butterflies when someone says the words “root canal?” 

At Clayton Smiles, we know that root canals have a terrible reputation, which is a shame because it often prevents patients from seeking much-needed treatment. The fact is that all the hype is just that—hype. Modern root canals are simple and straightforward procedures that don’t cause pain but relieve it. 

The source of root canal pain is an infection or abscess in your tooth, and Dr. Adam Spriggs and Dr. Kate Dolin know how painful a root infection can be. Their priority is to eliminate your pain by providing prompt root canal treatment and remove the infection that’s causing it.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

man with root canal pain in clayton ncOur goal is to provide a straightforward, stress-free procedure so that you can get the tooth-saving treatment you need and get on with your life. Dr. Kate and Dr. Adam are very gentle, experienced dentists who have performed many successful root canals for our Clayton patients using modern technology.

If you think you could use a little extra relaxation during your procedure, we also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax so you can get the care you need. 

How a Tooth Gets Infected or Abscessed

Your tooth consists of several layers, and the pulp chamber is the innermost part, located deep inside your tooth. If a cavity, crack in your tooth, or trauma allows bacteria to enter the pulp area, you develop an infection that’s often accompanied by severe tooth pain. 

The only way to resolve the infection and relieve your pain is with root canal therapy. Prompt treatment is crucial, and waiting only prolongs your pain, puts your oral health in jeopardy, and may make tooth removal our only option to relieve it.

Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

There are several symptoms of an infected or abscessed tooth to look for: 

  • Severe toothache that worsens over time
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch or temperature
  • A whitish raised bump on your gums
  • Puffy, bleeding, or swollen gums
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Facial swelling 
  • A terrible taste or odor in your mouth

If you experience any of the above symptoms, please call our Clayton dental office right away.

What to Expect with a Root Canal in Clayton, NC

image of a root canal at dentist in clayton ncWe begin by numbing the infected tooth, which will immediately resolve the excruciating pain you've been experiencing and allow us to provide a comfortable, pain-free procedure. 

During the next step, we clear the diseased tissue from your tooth using specialized technology that makes your procedure efficient and does a thorough job of removing every trace of infection. Next, we fill the hollowed-out area to stabilize the tooth and place a temporary filling on the tooth to protect it as it heals.

It’s common to experience soreness in the days following your procedure, but taking OTC pain relievers is usually enough to relieve any discomfort.

We will schedule you for a return appointment in two weeks to remove the temporary and replace it with a durable dental crown or tooth filling.

Please Call Us So We Can Help You

If you have a toothache and think you may need an emergency root canal, please call our Clayton, NC dental office. We don't want you to be in pain a moment longer than necessary.