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Dr. Kate Dolin & Dr. Adam Spriggs
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Dr Dolin | Clayton Smiles
Dr. Kate Dolin

Dr. Kate Dolin is devoted to providing the highest standards of treatment to all her patients. She enjoys the art of dentistry and delivering comprehensive care for patients of all ages.

"I have one major goal with all of my patients - treat your smile as if it were my own. I strive to provide dental care in a soothing atmosphere while focusing on quality and prevention. I hope to get your smile healthy while also educating you on how to prevent cavities and gum disease in the future. I look forward to making you a part of our dental family." -Dr. Dolin

Dr Spriggs | Clayton Smiles
Dr. Adam Spriggs

Dr. Adam Spriggs is a general dentist who has a passion for providing high-quality dental care. He is also committed to making the patient experience informative and enjoyable.

"Dental treatment can be complex and confusing. At Clayton Smiles, we believe patient education is very important in order to provide comprehensive dental care. By taking the time to answer all questions, and explain the different treatment options available, we empower you to be more involved with your dental care. This way, we can work together to form a comprehensive dental plan that best suits your individual needs." - Dr. Spriggs

Welcome to our Practice

At Clayton Smiles, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile that looks great and feels amazing. Dr. Kate Dolin, Dr. Adam Spriggs offer comprehensive general dentistry for every member of your family in a warm and supportive environment.

We love providing quality dentistry to families in Clayton and the surrounding communities of Garner, Wendell, Wilsons Mills, Smithfield, and beyond. 

Please call us at (919) 553-7695 to schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning and meet our team!

A Caring Dental Home for Your Family

It’s a good idea to establish a dental home for your family for several reasons. We know you’ll appreciate our friendly and welcoming attitude from your first visit, but building trust and confidence doesn’t happen overnight. 

Through all your subsequent visits, our dentists in Clayton will show you that you can rely on them for honest assessments of your oral health and detailed treatment recommendations that make sense for you. 

Everyone has unique dental concerns, and as they get to know you, our Dr. Adam and Dr. Kate will learn what yours are and provide treatment accordingly.

Your Partners in a Healthier Smile

Dentists are learning more every day about the intimate connection between your oral health and your systemic health. Periodontal disease is rampant in the US and has been strongly linked to numerous general health concerns. Heart and lung disease, diabetes, dementia, and pregnancy complications are just a few examples, and we’re learning new connections every day.

This is the reason why the dentists at Clayton Smiles emphasize the importance of prevention. Routine hygiene appointments and teeth cleanings every six months are the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. But what you do between visits makes the difference between a healthy smile and a succession of dental problems. 

That’s why prevention goes hand in hand with patient education; when you understand what puts you at risk for cavities and gum disease, you can make better diet and hygiene decisions that support a healthier smile. 

Leading-Edge Technology 

We offer a wealth of leading-edge dental technology at Clayton Smiles because you deserve comfortable, efficient treatment and positive long-term outcomes.

In keeping with our mission to educate our patients, we use diagnostic technology like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras because they let you see what our dentists see during a visual exam. We use digital impressions that eliminate the messy, uncomfortable process of taking paste impressions. 

We Can’t Wait to Meet Your Family!

Dr. Kate Dolin and Dr. Adam Spriggs and their team of hygienists, assistants, and front office staff would love to welcome you and your family to Clayton Smiles. If you live in Clayton, Garner, Wendell, Wilsons Mills, Smithfield, or any surrounding communities, we would love to welcome you!

Call us at (919) 553-7695 to schedule a convenient appointment to get started.

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