Full & Partial Dentures in Clayton, NC

older couple with dentures in clayton ncIt’s never easy to lose a tooth, and at Clayton Smiles, we offer solutions to restore your whole and healthy smile. If you are considering tooth replacement, removable complete and partial dentures are a cost-effective, time-tested option that lets you eat and speak confidently again and restores your beautiful smile.

What Are Complete and Partial Dentures?

Removable dentures are prosthetic teeth that replace missing teeth. There are two main types: complete or full dentures and partial dentures. 

Our dentists in Clayton recommend full dentures for patients who have complete tooth loss of the upper arch, lower arch, or both. 

If you have several missing teeth, we would recommend a partial. We offer different options and materials that we would love to show you and discuss what’s possible to complete your smile.

Will My Dentures Look Like Real Teeth?

All the dental work we do, including dentures, is customized specifically for your unique smile. At Clayton Smiles, we take time to design your dentures to complement skin tone and hair coloring, the shape of your face, and the contours of your smile. 

Our dentists want you to be involved in planning your dentures to ensure that the result is a natural-looking smile that you love to show off. They’ll consult with you to customize a tooth shade and shape that will help you realize your dream of a bright, beautiful smile. 

What’s the Process for Getting Dentures in Clayton, NC?

At your first appointment, our dentists take x-rays and photos of your mouth. Next, we take comfortable digital impressions, choose the right shade of white for your replacement teeth, and an appropriate gum color for the base. 

You will have the opportunity to approve every detail of your new dentures before delivering the final product. We'll create wax mock-ups through the process so that you can see how your dentures will look when they’re finished, and we can evaluate your biting function. 

On the day we deliver your new dentures to you, we’ll double-check the look, fit, and function of your new dentures, explain how to clean and store them, and provide a starter kit that contains the supplies you need to maintain them. 

How Do Implant-Retained Dentures Work?

graphic of dentures at the dentist in clayton ncTraditional removable dentures work with your mouth’s anatomy to provide stability, but in some cases, it isn’t sufficient to ensure that the denture will function properly. In this case, an implant-retained denture is a great option.  

We create implant dentures with the same care and attention as removable dentures. The difference is that the first step is placing one or more dental implants that your dentures will snap onto and provide greater stability. 

Schedule a Dentures Appointment in Clayton, NC

Tooth loss can happen to anyone at any age, and full and partial dentures can be your ticket to renewed confidence and a healthy smile that functions comfortably. If you are considering tooth replacement with dentures in Clayton, NC, we would love to chat with you about the possibilities

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