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What are dentures?

Dentures in Clayton, NC are prosthetics that stand in for missing teeth. They are time-tested and have evolved over the decades. Today’s dentures fit and function as intended and provide natural-looking smiles.

Complete dentures work with full tooth loss. They are custom arches or replacement teeth situated on a gum-colored prosthetic. This prosthetic fits over the gums, relying on suction, boney ridges, and gravity for stabilization.

Partial dentures are similar to complete dentures. However, the prosthetic only holds the teeth needed to fill in gaps where teeth are missing. Partial dentures are for partial tooth loss, and they fit much the same way with the addition of special clips and healthy natural teeth for support and stabilization.

To learn whether dentures are right for you, we provide consultation and conversation with the dentist. During this initial visit, your dentist will talk to you about tooth replacement options, including dentures, and whether they’ll work for you.

If dentures are a good option, we take careful impressions of your mouth. Then, a trusted lab uses our results to create your dentures or partials. Your dentist makes all final adjustments when you come in to pick up your new smile.

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