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Preventative Dentistry Is The Foundation of Good Oral Health

February 9, 2022
Posted By: Clayton Smiles Dental Team
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You might wonder, is preventative care really that important? Of course, it is! As dental professionals, we want all our patients to have good oral health, and the best way to stay healthy is to avoid the problems altogether when possible.

Preventative dentistry is a broad term that encompasses what you do at home, like brushing and flossing, to the things that we do here in our dental office, like x-rays and cleanings. It's easy to see how critical it is. Can you imagine if you never brushed your teeth?

Combining at-home your at-home oral care with routine dental visits is the optimal way to ensure that your mouth stays healthy as you age. Keeping up on your twice-a-year visits to your dentist is essential.

The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

We monitor your oral health and look for indications of trouble or changes in things like gumline or bone density. We can use this information to catch issues early before they become much more significant and mitigate the damage the problem can cause to the mouth.

Ideally, preventative dentistry will keep you from having an issue like a cavity; however, these things happen, and we don't judge. Visit us to stay on top of your oral health or catch up on it.

Even if you are in the best oral health, visiting us twice a year for cleanings is the best way to keep your oral health at its peak. We remove stuck-on tartar that inhibits proper gum health and can cause issues like bad breath or gum disease. Gum disease can cause increased tooth sensitivity and sensitivity in the gums, in addition to impacting the health of your entire body.

One of the more obvious signs is a receding gum line. If you notice your gum line receding or that it seems like your teeth are looking longer than they used to, it may be a sign of gingivitis.

Seek Local Dental Treatment In West Clayton, NC

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are behind on your routine visits. We all fall behind, but now is the time to get back on track with your oral health. Contact us today to schedule a time to meet in our dental office for an examination and cleaning.

If you think that you have gum disease, contact us today. We can schedule a time for you to come into the office for an examination and consultation. We can help you create a treatment plan to manage gingivitis and mitigate the damage and progression.

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