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What to Expect When You Get a Dental Crown

November 4, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Adam Spriggs
dental crown in clayton nc

If you're getting dental crown procedures to restore a damaged tooth, you can expect a straightforward process that requires two appointments with your dentist and two to three weeks to complete. A crown is ideal for repairing a tooth that's cracked, severely broken, or compromised by tooth decay. Our dentists use ceramic porcelain to create a durable and aesthetic restoration you can rely on for many years.

Here's the step-by-step process for completing your crown.

#1 The First Dental Crown Appointment

During your first visit, Dr. Spriggs or Dr. Dolin prepares your tooth for its crown by shaping it and taking impressions to send to the dental lab. They will also create a temporary crown you wear while the dental lab handcrafts your new tooth. 

Most dental labs need two to three weeks to complete your crown.

#2 The Second Dental Crown Visit

Once your final crown is ready, you'll return to Clayton smiles to have Dr. Spriggs or Dr. Dolin permanently place your new tooth. At this time, they'll make any adjustments to ensure that your crown feels comfortable and you can chew easily.

Now you're ready to eat and smile with confidence again!

When Do We Recommend Dental Crowns in Clayton, NC?

Our dentist will suggest a dental crown to restore your smile in these situations:

  • To cover a severely cracked or fractured tooth
  • To rebuild a tooth that's had root canal treatment
  • For cosmetic purposes, to change a tooth's shape, size or shade
  • To replace an old restoration that's broken down
  • As a restoration for a dental implant

If you need a dental crown in Clayton, our dentists have helped hundreds of patients restore their smiles! Contact Clayton Smiles at (919) 553-7695 to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. We offer gentle dentistry with clinical expertise.

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